Friday, March 19, 2010

Housing Haverstraw: No Tacos Tonight

This is the first time probably ever that I've blogged every day during the work week, so that's pretty cool I guess. I'm praying that there's no one reading this who's bored or pathetic enough to actually look in my archive to see if that's true. I mean obviously there's a 98% chance that no one is, but you never know.

Editor's Note: Just got a text message from a female friend of mine the other day: "I just read your blog for the first time...that's all I'm going to say." However, it turns out that I remember her texting me back when my blog first began, and upon looking in my archives I found this: "I've read your are such an asshole...good thing we never dated." So yeah, I'm callin you out: Funny how the pothead remembers more than you.

Continuing on the topic of bored, I was perusing other blogs recently while I had some downtime and you know what? Some chicks write some interesting stuff. Yeah I don't read dudes - I'm not really sure why because dudes are funnier than chicks in general, but at the same time any chick who blogs about her life is pretty funny for the most part. Except for all those bougie New York girls who just post pictures of purses and shoes and shit...well not actual shit...but it might as well be.

Editor's Note: This one chick's last name was Houser. I couldn't stop laughing for a couple of minutes. How could that girl not be insanely good at giving head? She's really lucky she's not friends with me.

Most of the blogs I read though were basically chicks just bitching about their life and how life sucks and how love sucks and how they suck and it's just a whole suck fest really. That might have been the longest sentence I've ever written without punctuation. I'm usually loaded with punctuation when I's kinda my deal.

But yeah, if sanity is a full-time job then most of these females are working part-time. I'm not knocking them though - to be crazy is certainly not a bad thing like I used to think. Maybe that's because over the last couple of years I've come to realize how crazy I am.

I'm hanging out in a place called Haverstraw tonight where although the Mexican population is vast, I'm managing to hang out in a nice condo with old friends where hopefully they won't be able to find us. I'll keep my fingers crossed. As far as I know there aren't going to be any chicks there which is fine by me. Sometimes in life, there's nothing wrong with an old-fashioned sweaty salty sausage fest.

I was talking to Goldy yesterday and I was trying to come up with the equivalent of a sausage fest for chicks. I immediately suggested "fish fest" because it makes perfect sense. Of course she found it insulting but I instantly came up with a better one: "taco fest." The Mexican reference in the paragraph above is a coincidence funny enough (or not at all). Anyway I haven't been part of a taco fest in awhile, but for the most part only gay guys and rich people have them. Hopefully I'll be that one that is.

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Goldy said...

Clarification: I wasn't insulted, I was grossed out.